Let’s Build a Con!

If you’d like to join our staff and/or become an Intern, we encourage that you spend a year volunteering first, just so you can learn the ropes of Con-Jikan If you’re confident in your starshine and would like to join our con-stellation, feel free to peruse our positions available and submit an application!

Please note: All staff and internship positions are unpaid, but not unrewarded! Read up on the benefits to joining our cause below!

Benefits to Being an Staff/Intern

  • Gain Real-World Job Experience – The transition from part-time work into a full-fledged career is a lot easier if you’ve involved yourself in professional fields; positions at Dogtato-Korp grant experience in several attractive skillsets–including leadership, communications, productivity software, web development, eCommerce, and more!
  • Make New Friends and Expand Your Network – Forget social networking sites, this is the real deal! Work with like-minded people, geek out over fandoms, all while helping make something amazing! Be your own brotagonist and level up those social links!
  • Grow the Albuquerque Anime/Gaming Community – I know you’re jealous of those humongous conventions in Cali and Texas, but that’s why we started Con-Jikan! Get in on the ground floor of an event that will grow in scale with our community!
  • Earn Free Admission to Con-Jikan – All that blood, sweat, and tears you put in and the only tangible benefit you got was a free badge? Actually no: you also get a shirt, some swag, and an invitation to our dead dog party!

Our Hiring Departments

Sales Department – If you’re a people person or a fan of numbers, you might be a good fit for our sales team! Primarily focused on creating opportunities with other businesses, our sales team members also spearhead the whole registration process – ensuring the convention brings in people and profit so that we can grow from year to year!

Operations Department – Our ops team works with some of the larger notions of running a convention–namely: security, venue relations, and accounting. If you’re keen on reaching into the structure of convention and event planning, then you’ll be happy here!

Programming Department – Planning and organizing the content for the convention is essentially shaping the entire structure of the convention itself, so hop aboard and build the convention you’ve always wanted to go to! The programming department is the most varied, so there’s definitely a position for your particular skill set and interests!

Communications Department –  The communications team is comprised of the brave souls that make sure every man, woman, and child knows about Con-Jikan and all it has to offer. Whether you prefer old-fashioned print advertising or new-fangled search engine optimization, there’s a place on the team here for anyone who wants to get the wold out!