Interested in Joining the Force?

If you’re interested in helping out Con-Jikan (and earning a free badge!), then volunteering might be the best option for you! We need volunteers of all kinds, from access controllers (door check) to security (making sure cosplay weapons are safe) and registration! Even if you can only volunteer for a few hours, we still want you! Here’s the reward structure:

  • 4 hours: Your very own C.J.S.P. T-Shirt! This stylish garment shows the world that you kept Con-Jikan safe and hinge-free!
  • 8 hours: A weekend badge rebate! Put in the time, have fun on our dime!
  • 11+ hours: Our undying gratitude, plus a consideration for staff for next year!

Con-Jikan is open to the public for 20 hours, but we will need volunteers around the clock.  Here’s the available shifts:

  • A: Early Morning (6a – 8a)
  • B: Morning (8a – 12p)
  • C: Afternoon (12p – 4p)
  • D: Evening (4p – 8p)
  • E: Night (8p – 12a)
  • F: Overnight Security (12a – 6a)

And there are many jobs we need taken care of.  Here’s the available positions:

  • Badge Verification (B, C, D): The convention relies on eagle-eyed individuals who can act as entrance controllers for badge-restricted zones. You get to people-watch and relax… not a bad way to earn your keep!
  • Overnight Security (F): We’re seeking night owls who are willing to station themselves in our exhibitor’s halls to ensure that nothing walks off. Of course you can bring your DS/iPad/Laptop!
  • Security Desk (B, C, D, E): We need people to examine props to make sure they’re not a risk to persons or property. If you’re good at imagining worst-case-scenarios, this is the position for you! You’ll also take care of lost and found, and act as dispatch for any security concerns.
  • Hall Patrol (B, C, D): To patrol the hallways of Con-Jikan to make sure that, if trouble arises, there’s never a volunteer out of earshot… that’s Hall Patrol! Armed with a cool head, a radio, and conflict mediation ability, you keep the convention safe and fun for everyone!
  • Cosplay Events (C, D): Our masquerade needs people familiar with staged productions to fill out various roles and make sure the show goes off without a hitch! Break a leg!
  • Program Evaluation (B, C, D, E): Panels can be hit and miss, even those that WE run! We’re looking for people to keep track of which aspects of Con-Jikan attendees frequent so that we can tune and improve our programming for future events!
  • Video Gaming Dept (A, B, C, D, E): We need seasoned video gamers who are down to facilitate our video game operations. Helping with tournaments, swapping out discs, and keeping attendees from going full tilt… will you accept the quest?
  • Board Gaming Dept (A, B, C, D, E): Making sure attendees have a good time without being overwhelmed by rules or options — that’s your job in the board game department! That, and checking games in and out.
  • Registration Desk (A, B, C, D): If you’re familiar with Point-of-Sale systems and an ace at data input, you might be a good fit for our registration desk. The ability to keep cool under pressure, as well as a winning guest services attitude, and you’ll feel right at home.
  • Chief Assistant (A, B, C, D, E): Your job would be to stick to the convention chair, keep track of issues as they arise, and jump into direct action if there’s something needs doing. Resourcefulness and adaptability is paramount!
  • Information Desk (B, C, D): Knowledge is power, and you wield all the power during your time at the Information Desk. Answer questions or find the answers yourself (“I don’t know” is unacceptable). In-between dropping knowledge bombs, you are the keeper of ribbons. Fun!


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